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A dream come true, cliche but so true!

It was then that my other me *My Alter Ego* “was born”!

Fifteen years ago when I made my first pair of sandals was also the defining moment that I never forgot and day by day my love for it grew more and more until the moment arrived and the dream became flesh and bones!
With a lot of love for art and craftsmanship, we continue to give our best by creating pieces uniquely inspired by imagination, adding a touch of our taste and always following the fashion trend discreetly!

The passion combined with the restless spirit is the driving force that guides us on this journey of creation!
The love of the world that embraced his “alter ego” gives us strength to move forward!
Thank you very much for everything, only promise to always be better and one wish for all of you, to always listen to the little voice inside you is your alter ego.

Athina D.